About us

Pacific Aerospace Corporation (PAC) is an AS9100D aerospace manufacturer that provides large gantry 5-axis CNC precision machining, advanced composite tooling & part manufacture, and other high-quality fabrication and assembly services to the aerospace industry. Located in Southern California, Pacific Aerospace Corporation was founded in 2018 by its CEO, Mark Ferrara, a 30-year veteran of the aerospace and automotive advanced manufacturing and prototyping industries. Pacific Aerospace Corporation also has a sister company, California Research & Design (CRD), which has been serving the automotive industry with similar advanced manufacturing, prototyping, and assembly services since Mr. Ferrara founded it in 2013.  Pacific Aerospace Corporation’s 25,000 square feet of combined facilities located in Stanton, CA house its array of 5-axis CNC machines and dedicated composites manufacturing.  Having the integration of precision machining & advanced composite manufacturing adds tremendous value to PAC’s customers. While PAC being a young company, its team of industry veterans and subject matter experts bring decades of expertise to its client’s projects.  Pacific Aerospace Corp is comprised of highly-skilled engineers and technicians with years of excellence in aerospace machining and advanced composite manufacturing.  As veterans of their trade, PAC’s team is dedicated to meeting its client’s design requirements and specifications while exceeding customer expectations via a high level of craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

PAC Culture

PAC culture begins from within the passion of our dedicated technicians who take great pride in excellence of everything they do. Our Team works in unison for a common vision of purpose to succeed in our constant mission for excellence in all completed products. Our unique team of talented professionals work in harmony to achieve or exceed all industry standards. Our staff of Veterans in our industry work side by side with the new young breed of technicians that hone their skills to new levels each day. We instill creativity in day-to-day activities and the vision of extreme high quality for every finished product as we are producing it. These philosophies have been a key to our success.

Our team

Mark brings over 30 years of aerospace and automotive engineering and manufacturing experience to his role at Pacific Aerospace Corp.  Mark worked for McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, Mitsubishi R&D, and an independent automotive design studio before founding and growing PAC.  Mark brings a broad and deep wealth of knowledge to the team as he has served in roles ranging from hands on technician to Chief Project Manager before founding PAC. He has also founded California Research & Development, which has been serving the automotive industry since 2013.

Mark Ferrara
Founder and CEO

David serves as PAC’s Director of Finance and is responsible for the company’s daily cash management, financing needs, and accounting processes.  David received his MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan.

David Noles
Director of Finance

Dave brings in his vast years of experience from other aerospace manufacturers, from being on the shop floor to leading ongoing aerospace programs. His fundamental knowledge of both machining and composite manufacturing gives our clients the reassurance they need when dealing with developing projects.

David Burroughs
Senior Program Manager

Jared brings nearly two decades of advanced composite part & tool fabrication and production knowledge to his leadership role as PAC’s Director of Composite Manufacturing.  Jared’s attention to detail, deep knowledge of composite manufacturing processes, and leadership skills have propelled PAC’s composite manufacturing to world-class status.

Jared Mortenson
Director of Composite Manufacturing
From the CEO