Precision Machining

  • Encompassing over four decades of machining experience, PAC provides the expert knowledge to deliver precision parts and tooling to our customers on time. Our range of 5-axis CNC’s allow us to run parallel projects providing greater working capacity and adhering to stringent customer schedules. Our largest 5-axis machine gives us the capability to precisely mill up to a 20’ X-axis by 10’ Y-axis by 5’ Z-axis envelope.
  • PAC’s precision machining services include part manufacture, hard and soft tooling fabrication, trim, drill and vacuum fixtures, and composite part trimming and drilling.  PAC also offers a wide variety of materials it can machine for client’s project needs including low density foams, tooling and modeling boards, high density urethane, aluminum, steel, Invar and other metal alloys.

Other Services

  • Machining and kitting for Nomex & aluminum honeycomb, foam, and other core materials

Quality and Inspection

  • AQM advanced quality management
  • First article inspection
  • CMM inspection
  • Generated inspection reports


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