PAC’s engineers provide quality solutions for their customer’s needs, adding value to their programs. Repeatability with quality, quantity, and increase in efficiency is what a great shop achieves. That is why our team likes to collaborate and communicate well with our clients.


Offering retrofit services going from metallics to composites. Our Engineers understand what it will take to switch components over to composites, lighter more durable materials used in many applications today.

  • PAC’s core team has the ability to support your project in many ways
  • Using state of the art CAD and CAM software
  • FEA & FEM analysis
  • Reverse engineering
  • Tooling
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Product and Process Development
    • Build to print and build to specification services
    • Prototyping
      • FA with AS9102 Inspections
      • Assembly integration
      • Configure for next assembly
      • Tooling selection
      • Material selection
  • Process and product development
    • Engineering support for tooling fabrication and  product manufacturability
    • Production Planning
    • Quality Planning


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