What Is High Precision Machining?

High precision machining involves the process of removing raw material from an object to shape the product into a smaller, finished product. The object is placed into a lathe, and cutting machines coupled with software (CAD files to precision manufacturing) give us the final product – accurate down to the last millimeter.

Manufacture of machine parts often goes hand in hand with precision CNC machining work. The process of high-precision machining becomes extremely lucrative to companies either facing high demand for their products or needing to achieve greater efficiency in their operations. Even outsourcing CNC machining can lead to a significant reduction in manufacturing costs, and this is also lucrative in industries that require high-precision work, such as aerospace.

Advantages of High Precision Machining

Precision CNC manufacturing offers 6 main advantages:

Low Margin for Error

CNC machines use CAD files as data input, and 5 or 7-axis CNC machines take over. These machines are precise up to a nanometer, resulting in an extremely low chance of error compared to human manufacturing.

Material Efficiency

High precision CNC machining works by removing excess material. If not done accurately, there is a considerable risk of wastage. But, wastage gets reduced due to the high precision offered and the bulk purchasing of materials by companies such as Pacific Aerospace Corp (PAC). These measures allow for savings, which are then passed to you.


Since there is no distortion between the CAD file delivered and implementation of the same by CNC machines, the output is always consistent, accurate, and reliable.

Workflow Efficiency

Changes can be made in the CAD file and implemented right away. No time is spent on testing or getting the workers used to the new parameters, contributing to workflow efficiency.

High precision CNC machining also allows for easy change implementation and flexible development phases as the niche demands. Machining can be shifted quickly from one niche to another and directly into full-scale production.

Faster Deliverables

No matter how complex the task, the work can always be done at the same pace and as efficiently as possible since there is no labor needed to operate the machine.

Easier Prototyping

When working with high precision machining, you need to note that the prototypes created usually have sufficient functionality to be tested practically instead of just being a concept or design prototype (which can only be tested in theory).

Bottom Line

High precision machining offers numerous other benefits, like versatility and technical prowess to organizations employing or outsourcing the same. If you would like to experience the benefits offered by precision CNC machining first-hand, get in touch with one of California’s best aerospace manufacturing companies – Pacific Aerospce Corp (PAC)!