Advantages of the 5-Axis CNC Machine

In a previous blog post, we mentioned the difference between 5-axis and 7-axis machining and helped you understand which is better. But there is a whole world of high-precision machines out there, some more cost-effective and others more detail-oriented. How do you choose which one is the best for your needs? How does the 5-axis CNC machine fare against them?

This article will discuss the advantages of using a 5-axis CNC machine for aerospace precision CNC machining, i.e., the process, results, and more.


What Are the Advantage of the 5-Axis CNC Machine?

Here are the four key benefits of 5-axis CNC machines compared to traditional 3D printers and laser cutters.

  1. Improved cost-efficiency via faster processes
  2. Improved speed because of the 5-axis rotational capabilities
  3. Enhanced accuracy because of the increased geometric tolerances
  4. Increased productivity

By diving deeper into the CNC machining processes, we can identify the following benefits compared to traditional 1- or 2-axis CNC machines, 3D printers, and more.


Minimized Steps

The 5-axis cutting tool can approach an object from any direction at any time. The processor analyses the piece against the design you input and finds the most optimal angle to work on it. Hence, the same – if not better – geometry can be achieved by 5-axis CNC machines in less time and using less energy.

The process is also much more reliable compared to 3-axis machines.


No Complex Fixtures Required

Three-axis machines require complex fixtures to work on a piece at a different orientation. In a 5-axis machine, the part and the blades can be rotated quickly and achieve geometrical efficiency.

Making complex shapes with the 5-axis high precision CNC machine is much easier and cost-effective than other methods, and the part is of impeccable quality.


Better Finishing

They often say in the Air Force, “a plane is only as good as it looks.” Its no secret that a better design and finish means a better product. And 5-axis machines create smaller, more precise cuts into the material with sharp edges, ensuring that the finished composite doesn’t just look good but performs equally well.


Quicker Material Removal

The 5-axis machine allows the cutting tools to remain perpendicular to the cutting surface at all times, which means that only the desired material is cut to the last nanometer, and the cuts are fast and clean. This also translates to more rapid material removal, allowing you to create more parts per minute, even if they are different parts.

Each cycle of the 5-axis machine is faster than its predecessor, speeding up the whole manufacturing line.

5-axis CNC machining has a clear set of benefits compared to other traditional machining techniques. 7-axis CNC machines have more advantages, but the machine itself can be extremely costly – even for a one-time investment.

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